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Why? Paddling to work is a joy and a privilege.  Parking is a breeze and the benefits are obvious:  beauty, health and peace. There are few things in life more restorative than encountering God's creation in such a personal way. 

Why not?  The biggest cost is time.  These days with the family schedule and the weather I'm only commuting on the water once or twice a week.   And it helps a lot if you work within walking distance of the water.

How? That's the big question I get that prompted me to build this site.  Given time and proximity to the water, just about anyone can paddle to work if they address three issues: training, visibility and land mobility.  It's all fun so there's no reason not to start with the training and give it a try. 

Click the photos below if you want to see how I've addressed the issues so far.
How I Paddle My Kayak To Work
How To Increase Kayak Visibility
How To Build A Kayak Cart

How To Build A Kayak Cart

Updated April 29, 2005

Kayak Training
How To Get Kayak Training

How To Increase Kayak Visibility

Updated December 28, 2004